About us

Stream of history engraves with the passage of time, WETOWN pursues dream with mission and faith.

Wetown Electric Group has established four key business: High and low voltage busway, Tin-plate copper strip, switchboard, copper/ aluminum conductor.

An enterprise group with 13 domestic and overseas wholly-owned subsidiary.
It’s the biggest busway manufacturer in China specializing in busway manufacturing, covering full series of busway product with complete industry chain.

The only one company in its industry that obtains both ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System), SA8000(Social Accountability), GB/T27922(Five-star after-sales service) and GB/T29490 (intellectual property management system).

Innovation is the key strategy in WETOWN development and business growth. The company applies innovation actively in technologies, techniques, products and management systems. And become a leader in busway product of China.

WETOWN has been recognized as Key high and new technology enterprise of national Torch Plan. Has its own provincial enterprise technology center and busway engineering research center. The first busway academy and performance test center in China. Participate in independent research and scientific study.

Over 100 patented technology.
The significant achievement in R&D of copper and aluminum material has strengthened the leadership position of WETOWN in busway industry.

In 2004 WETOWN was a leader in the development of LM SERIES ALUMINUM-ALLOY ENCLOSURE COMPACT BUSWAY.
In 2005 launched the 1000 Megawatts HIGH-VOLTAGE ISOLATED PHASE BUSWAY.
In 2008 invented the 220 Kilovolt EXTRA-HIGH VOLTAGE GAS-INSULATED BUSWAY.
In 2010 LV SERIES COMPACT BUSWAY was developed independently by the company. Won top ten Electrical Innovation Products in China.

In 2016, WETOWN successfully developed the new generation of energy saving busway and data center busway, leading the development of busway industry.

WETOWN have successfully exported the technology to Fortune 500 companies of the world.
Company products are recognized and have been used in many important national projects. Our sales in international market are including Asia, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Africa, and South America.
WETOWN has business partnerships with Fortune 500 companies like GE, HONEYWELL, ABB and Westinghouse. In 2013 the company made strategic restructuring on MM POWERPLUS Hong Kong Company.